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Eagle Rough-Ins by WHITEWOOD

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picture of eagle blank for newport eagle   american colonial woodcarved newport eagle

Eagle Blanks

Thank you for your interest in purchasing an eagle blank.

image of eagle blanks in their machine-routed formAn eagle blank is a machine-routed model created from a master which is hand-carved in our shop. The blank provides the rough lines, depths and enough detail to complete the carving of the eagle blank to perfection. Our eagle blanks significantly reduce much of the tedious carving a completed eagle requires yet result in a ‘hand-made’ heirloom piece.

Eagle blank models are available in mahogany and either pine or basswood and are laminated using the West Epoxy System. Some of the blanks available include original Paul White Woodcarving designs, but most are in the Early American style.



image of kittery eagle blank ready for finish work Once the final carving has been completed and the blank's fine detail has been added, the eagle blank - now a completely carved unfinished eagle - is ready for finish. We recommend the traditional method, which comprises multiple coats of exterior paint and gold leafing.


picture of half blank of newport eagle

Some eagle blanks contain multiple pieces which vary, depending upon size and style ordered, and will require some assemblage


Available styles for blanks:

image of finished newport eagle
Newport Eagle

image of Louisberg finished eagle
Louisberg Eagle

image of Federal Eagle finished eagle blank
Federal Eagle
image of Chesapeake eagle finished
Chesapeake Eagle

image of finished Jefferson Eagle
Jefferson Eagle

picture of Don't Give Up The Ship finished eagle
Don't Give Up The Ship Eagle

picture of finished Bellamy eagle
Bellamy Eagle

picture of finished Kittery Eagle
Kittery Eagle

picture of Cotuit Eagle finished
Cotuit Eagle

Prices and ordering form for Eagle Blanks here. Please contact us by email or phone at (508) 888-1394 for a brochure or any other request.



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